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Chinese Health and Wellbeing

This programme is designed to help the new comers of students, elders and Chinese families in our community to cope with New Zealand; help with their physically and psychologically access to the society. Strengthening the community connectedness, improve social wellbeing, which then will increase our social amenity and build up a stronger bond. enhance a stronger relationship between individuals also with other ethnic groups and local  community. Monthly gatherings for workshops, seminars etc. gathering of different Chinese groups in Palmerston North, to share information and social with each other. Introductions on New Zealand’s policies on health systems, social well-being and spreading information on social benefits and health services. Invite experts and or specialists from China and other cities as well of New Zealand, play visits to the community, give free consultations on traditional Chinese Medicines related to health and wellbeing in Chinese Language.

Visit households consists of elder people frequently, get to know them and what their needs are. Also we will help them to make appointments with GP, and bring them to medical centre if needed.

In contact with the Massey university Chinese Student Association. Our plan with the students are considered in four main aspects. Firstly help them with their English and communication skill, which encourage them to blend into the study environment soonest possible; secondly provide transportation for social activities if needed, even organizing social activities for the students, especially on traditional festivals. Thirdly, assist them if they are in trouble, such as needed medical attention, or violation towards their human body or human right. Fourthly, educate and advertise how the social network in New Zealand works, and providing information regarding all aspect of this country.

Keep working on supporting the finding of a Chinese GP in Palmerston North. And always be there to help with the establishment of a Chinese herb shop or wellbeing services business, if such opportunity presented.