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See me come, See me go

Welcome visiting and exchanges between New Zealand and China.

  • Messages being passed through the Chinese embassy in New Zealand to the Trust with on the annually Youngsters Holiday Camping in China. That enables the Trust to organise students aged from 12 to 18 in the community to go to China during their school holidays either for culture explore or language study. The Trust also introduces Chinese Language tutors, business people and artists from local go to China for their relevant trainings and visits.
  • After many communicating and discussing with organisations in Auckland and Wellington, Palmerston North will be one of their stops for those professional cultural delegations, such as Chinese folk dancers, singers, Kungfu, acrobatics, and magic performers when they come to visit NZ.
  • The Trust itself also has plan to invite Chinese arties, experts in psychology, education, Chinese medicals, and successful business persons etc, to bring their geniuses to NZ for a showcase and display.