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The Difference between MCCT and Other Chinese Community Organisations

Manawatu Chinese Community Trust (MCCT) is quite different from other Chinese community organisations in Manawatu region. The difference can be found from the following aspects:

The memberships of the Trust tends to be younger.

MCCT was founded in 2006. Members of the Trust are generally first-generation immigrants from mainland China, who came to New Zealand with certain qualifications and skills that could contribute to New Zealand’s economic growth.

We arrange a relatively greater number of activities each year.

By participating in various activities, such as Chinese traditional festivals, parades, ethnic customs performances, and Mandarin language competition, people in the community have increased opportunities to connect with each other, and there has been increased collaboration between the members as they have to formally work together on a shared single goal of certain formal event.

We have started providing social work services in the community.

Since the end of 2017, we have employed a full-time community social worker who offers a variety of social and community work services, which include: arranging educational workshops related to family safety; making home visits when concern arises; undertaking assessment of clients, identifying risk factors; referring clients to other agencies and organizations to get further help if needed; answering Chinese Hotline– Call for Help – to assist youth and others under stress to communicate their burdens; providing consultancy service, etc.

On the other hand, we closely cooperate together with other Chinese community organisations in the region. For instance, we will work together with Chinese Association Manawatu Branch Inc. for the Lantern Festival from February to March 2018.