In 2006 when we applied to the New Zealand government to register as a non-profit charitable community trust, we were a group of new immigrants from mainland China arriving after 1990’s. We speak mandarin.

It will soon have been 14 years since the establishment of the Manawatu Chinese Community Trust. During these 14 years we have conformed to the core objective of promoting non-profit culturally significant service to the Chinese community, through the promotion of culture and communication, participation in community services, community education and research, so as to establish and develop each and every activity (service) entry point in accordance with the New Zealand government’s and each charitable trust fund’s application processes, enabling community volunteers to achieve satisfactory performance while actively promoting the best results for the community.

We cooperate with other Chinese community groups in and out of the region, work with other ethnic organizations, local government and agencies. Our goal is to open to the whole world to enable people from all walks of life to prosper and grow.